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Parts of Medicare

Parts of Medicare

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is part of Original Medicare alongside Part B. Generally, it covers short-term hospital, nursing facility, hospice, and some home care. 


The cost of this plan is relatively low. Additional costs of specific services must be paid out-of-pocket, but the yearly premium-fee is not required of most individuals.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is also part of Original Medicare. It generally covers medically necessary services and equipment, including flu shots, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), etc. 


The cost of Part B is correlated with your income and tax return. The average, as of 2020, is about $144.60 as a monthly premium fee.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C, otherwise known as Medicare Advantage, is an all-in-one alternative to Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). It combines all of the benefits of Parts A and B and provides additional benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing care.


This plan lowers the out-of-pocket costs of Original Medicare. Because it is offered by private companies, its overall costs will vary between location and provider.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage. You may add this plan to your Original Medicare coverage, or to you Advantage plan is the drugs you need are not already covered.


There are different Part D plans, or formularies, available to choose from based on needs and budget. This plan, then, is a great option for those seeking additional, personalized drug coverage.

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Mediacare Part D

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